Star Montana (1987) is a photo-based artist who lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She was born and raised in the Boyle Heights neighborhood of East Los Angeles, which is predominantly Mexican American and serves as the backdrop to much of her work.

Star’s imagery deals with class, social environment, and identity within the personal, her family. Three dots and Tear drops: a long term project with her family that has dealt with fragmented histories, loss, and the hope of the next generation was on view at the Vincent Price Art Museum and the UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center.

More recently, she has begun to work on her themes within a larger scope of Los Angeles residents via portraiture and video which resulted her in most recent solo show I Dream of Los Angeles at the Main Museum. Montana received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2013 and is currently working on her Masters of Fine Art at USC.

  • Education

  • University of Souther California
  • Masters of Fine Arts
  • Anticipated Graduation 2019.
  • School of Visual Arts
  • Photography BFA
  • 2013
  • East Los Angeles College
  • Associate of Arts: Photography
  • 2011

Artist Residency

Artist in Residence, Main Museum. Los Angeles (Currently)

  • Group Exhibition
  • 2017 Eres Poderosa Vol 2. Espacio 1839. Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2016 Miss Representation, Junior High Gallery. Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2016 RECUERDOS. Day of the Dead Exhibition. Self Help Graohics. Los Angeles, CA.
  • 2016 This Used to be Mexico, Ave 50. Los Angeles CA.
  • 2016 Southland, Charlie James Gallery . Los Angeles CA. (Currently)
  • 2016 Observations, Long Beach City College, CA.
  • 2015 Slideluck Austin Vii. Austin, Texas.
  • 2014 The Collective Other Group Show, NYC.
  • 2014 Analogue Portrait Project, Month of Photography Los Angeles, Los Angeles, Ca.
  • 2013 "Loz Diez," Photoville, Brooklyn.
  • 2013 Latin American Fotografia International.
  • 2013 Senior Thesis Show, School of Visual Arts.
  • 2013 SVA Mentor Show, Visual Arts Gallery, NYC.
  • 2013 Por los Ojos de mi Gente, Visual Arts Gallery, NYC
  • 2013 Hub Scholarship Exhibition, School of Visual Arts, NYC.
  • 2012 Mimesis: A Contemporary Photography Exhibition, North Carolina.
  • 2011 The Getty: Engaged Student Observer, Vincent Price Art Museum.
  • 2011 Juried Student Art Show, Vincent Price Art Museum.
  • 2011 Somewhere in this Neighborhood, Los Angeles.
  • 2010 Third Eye Exhibition, Art Center at Night.
  • 2009 Juried Student Art Show, Vincent Price Art Museum.
  • Awards
  • 2015 Latin Fotografia 4 Collection, American Photography
  • 2014 Metro LA, LightBox series, Artist.
  • 2014 Selected to attend the 2nd Annual New York Portfolio Review, New York Times Lens Blog.
  • 2013 Tierney Fellowship Nominee.
  • 2013 International Photo Awards "Honorable Mention."
  • 2013 International Photo Awards "Honorable Mention."
  • 2013 Latin Fotografia 2 Collection, American Photography.
  • 2012 Special Merit Hub Scholarship, School of Visual Arts.
  • 2012 International Photo Awards "Honorable Mention,"
  • 2012 International Photo Awards "Honorable Mention,"
  • 2012 Latin Fotografia 1 Collection. American Photography.
  • 2012 Undergraduate Photography Award, School of Visual Arts.
  • 2011 Silas E. Rhodes Merit Scholarship, School of Visual Arts.
  • 2010 Program Scholarship, Art Center at Night.
  • 2009 Outstanding Juror Award, Vincent Price Art Museum.


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Onetime punk rocker uses photography to tell stories of ‘my Los Angeles’.

Star Montana's Photos Capture Loss, Pain and Family Secrets in East L.A.

Star Montana at UCLA Chicano Studies Research Center

Candy, Street Documentary Zine, Edited: Valerie Bowers. 2015. (Available for purchase here)

Star Montana Photographic Perspective Born of Prejudice and Death, Helga Salina. ABC/Univision

Shooting Star: Photos by SVA Alumnus Star Montana Picked for L.A. Metro Art Project

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Latin Fotografia Collection 1 Catalogue.

Latin Fotografia Collection 2 Catalogue.

  • Lecture
  • 2010 The Getty: Selected Artist from Engaged Student Observers. Issues with imagery deaing with Identity and Death.
  • 2013 Getting Close Workshop. Joseph Rodriguez. International Center for Photography.
  • 2014 Getting Close Workshop. Joseph Rodriguez. International Center for Photography.
  • 2015 Art History 100 Introduction to Visual Culture and Cultural Studies. Professor Singh. East Los Angeles College.
  • 2015 Lala Fest.
  • 2015 Los Angeles Community College. Art Club.
  • 2016.Tear Drops and Three Dots, the Chicano Narrative. Chicano 047: East Los Angeles College.
  • 2016 Tear Drops and Three Dots, Chicano Art.
  • Chicano 054: East Los Angeles College.
  • 2016 Guest Artist workshop. The Family Narrative.
  • Las Photos Project. Boyle Heights, CA.
  • 2016. Tear Drops and Three Dots ,Artist Talk. Chicano Studies Research Center. UCLA.
  • 2016. Artist Talk, Slanguage. LAXART, Los Angeles.

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